Eco Paribahan Bus Schedule, Ticket Counter Address, Contact Number, Ticket Price

A popular bus operator on Noakhali route is Ekon Paribahan Bus. Usually those who travel regularly on Noakhali route must know about this bus. So today we are going to discuss about one of the most popular bus operators in Noakhali district, Econ Paribahan bus, and we will add all kinds of information on our website.

From here you can know the address and mobile number of all the counters of this bus operator quality in Dhaka including Noakhali. So let’s know all the information related to the transport bus.

Still, the non-AC buses that are included in the transport bus fleet are mainly made in foreign countries. In other words, the last part of these buses has been imported from abroad. The famous Japanese car manufacturing company Hino 1 J Ak model has several buses in their fleet and they are providing service with them.

Econo Transport Bus Ticket Price

We are attaching below all ticket prices for Dhaka to Lakshipur and Dhaka to Noakhali route. For your convenience, we are connecting the fares of these routes periodically, you can see them if you want.

Ticket price from Dhaka to Laxmipur is 300 taka and if you go from Dhaka to Laxmipur 400 taka, Dhaka to Raipur 400 taka, Dhaka to Chaumuni non AC 400 taka, Dhaka to Noakhali non AC 400 taka and if you go by AC then you have to pay 800 taka. Dhaka to Khagrachari 800 Taka, AC 1100 Taka. From Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar I have taken Tk 900 SC Tk 1200.

Econo Paribahan Bus All Counter Address and Mobile Number

We have attached here the addresses and mobile numbers of all counters of Econ Paribahan Bus. The counter addresses and mobile numbers of all the districts where the bus operates in Dhaka and other districts are attached here, you can see them if you want.

Counter Address & Name Counter Mobile Number
Bypile Counter, Dhaka District  Phone: 01321134740.
Nabinagar Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01321134741.
Savar Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01321134742.
Tenary Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01321134743.
Gabtali Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01321134744.
Kachukhet Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 0132134745.
Mirpur 10 & 1, Counter, Phone: 01321
Kalyanpur Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01321134748.
Shyamoli Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01321134749.
Adabar Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01321134750.
Jhigalta Counter, Dhaka District, Phone: 01321134751.
Kalabagan Counter, Dhaka District, Phone: 01321134752.
Nilkhet Counter, Dhaka District, Phone: 01321134753.
Fakirapul Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01321134754.
Abdullahpur Counter, Dhaka District, Phone: 01321134760.
Airport Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01321134761.
Norda Counter, Dhaka District, Phone: 01321134763.
Badda Counter, Dhaka District, Phone: 01321134764.
Malibagh Counter, Dhaka District, Phone: 01321134765.
Maniknagar Counter, Dhaka District, Phone: 01321134766.
Sayedabad Counter, Phone: 01321134767
Shanirakhra Counter, Dhaka District, Phone: 01321134772.
Signboard Counter, Dhaka District, Phone: 01321134773.
Chittagong Road Counter, Dhaka, Phone: 01321134774.
Kanchpur Counter, Dhaka, Phone: 01321134775.
Bypile Counter, Dhaka District, Phone: 01321134740.

Gazipur district counter and mobile number

Counter Address & Name Counter Mobile Number
Tongi Bazar Bus Station Counter, Dhaka District, Phone: 01321134758.
Cherag Ali Bazar Bus Station Counter, Dhaka District, Phone: 01321134757.
Tongi College Gate Bus Station Counter, Gazipur District, Phone: 01321134755.

Lakshmipur district counter and mobile number

Counter Address & Name Counter Mobile Number
Laxmipur Bus Station Counter, Laxmipur District Sadar, Phone: 01321179773.
Jhumur Bus Stand Counter, Laxmipur District, Phone: 01321179775.
Joxin Counter, Laxmipur District, Phone: 01321179774.
Mandari Bazar Bus Station Counter, Laxmipur, Phone: 01321179776.
Battali Counter, Laxmipur District, Phone: 01321179778.
Hajir Para Counter, Laxmipur District, Phone: 01321179779.
Chandraganj Bus Station Counter, Laxmipur District, Phone: 01321179780.
Halban Bus Station, Ramganj, Laxmipur District, Phone: 01322859771.
Raipur Bus Station Counter, Laxmipur District, Phone: 01321179771.
Dalal Bazar Bus Station Counter, Laxmipur District, Phone: 01321179772.
Paloyan Pool Bus Station Counter, Laxmipur District, Phone: 01321179781.

Counter and mobile number of Noakhali district

Counter Address & Name Counter Mobile Number
Bangla Bazar Counter, Noakhali District Phone: 01321179782.
Crossroads Counter, Noakhali District Phone: 01321179783.
Bajra Bazar Counter, Sonaimuri, Noakhali District Phone: 01321179784.
Sonaimuri Bypass Counter, Noakhali District Phone: 01321179785.

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