www eticket.railway.gov.bd – Bangladesh Railway E-Ticketing Registration Process 2022

The website www eticket.railway.gov.bd is the official link for purchasing train tickets in Bangladesh, and now you can purchase your ticket through this site as well! All people who want to travel by train will be able do so with just one click on a computer or mobile device—no more waiting in line at stations that often have long lines because they’re already sold out beforehand (which has happened many times before). For those unfamiliar: Shohoz Synesis Vincent was created earlier this year after taking over where eTiket left off; however it’s not alone anymore since Railways also use CSC broaden its services even further.

Before purchasing a ticket, you need to create an account on the new railway E-Ticketing website. The earlier servers were closed as they were for previous users and so all of them had register again with this process that allows purchase through Website’s interface only . Without creating any accounts beforehand no one is able buy tickets though its own site – which we’re providing here just in case.

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The new registration process for online train tickets will be starting on 26 March at 8 AM. To buy a ticket in this country, one must first register and create an account through their official website- www.shohoz .com or use any other service provider who has partnered up with them such as www.eticket.railway.gov.bd

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People can also purchase bus tickets from here but only if they have clicked “Buy Now” button during initial visit; otherwise there is no option to book/purchase it later while confirm reservation beforehand by giving required details like seat number etc., because these services aren’t available via etixtho site.

  1. Step: At first visit this link www.eticket.railway.gov.bd 
  2. Step: Then click on Registration or Create a New Account.
  3. Step: Provide your personal information like User name, date of birth, NID or Birth Certificate 17 Digit number, address, contact number with email.
  4. Step: Enter all the information correctly then click on Submit.
  5. Step: After a while, you get a verification code in your mobile number.
  6. Step: Enter this security code on the e-ticket website and click on Registration.

When you receive an email with the subject line ” railway mail” from our company, it’s time to open up your inbox and tap on Bangladesh Railway Mail. This will take me right into registering for a new account.

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The economy is strong and people are looking for ways to save time. For those who cannot be bothered going through the trouble of finding a station near their destination, purchasing train tickets online makes it easier than ever before!

In order words: The registration process has started today from 6am-10 am where you will need your identity proof along with other details in order create an account on behalf Indian Railways’ website “bdrail”. From now onwards whenever anyone wants buy ticket he/she simply needs log into his own personal profile which includes likes like address phone number etc., then visit nearest railway stations location maps page after filling all required fields they click submit button finalizing one’s journey by.

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