Top 10 Private University Ranking in Bangladesh 2022

There are many good quality and international level private universities in Bangladesh. Today we have written an article about the top 10 private universities in Bangladesh according to the international ranking. From here you can know about the top 10 private universities in Bangladesh and we will initially attach the email and contact numbers to contact them

Top Ten Private Universities in Bangladesh

There are many people who pass HSC and choose private universities because they don’t get a chance in various public universities. But they don’t understand which university will be good for them. We have listed the top 10 universities in the 2022 report according to International and UGC Bangladesh below.

North South University

Narsingdi University is an international university that holds the first position in the ranking of Bangladesh. Among the private universities, Naushad University education system is very good and they are at the top position in Bangladesh. Narsat University was established in 1992 and since then till today 23 thousand students are studying in North South University.

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North-South University at a Glance

  • Motto: Center of Excellence in Higher Education
  • Established:        1992
  • Private University Ranking: 1
  • Web Address:

BRAC University

Basically, BRAC University is the top ranked university in Bangladesh, many students from Bad are in many reputed companies in the world. Basically BRAC University studies and BRAC University is among the list of best universities in Asia. So it can be said that according to 2022, the university is ranked second.

BRAC University at Glance

  • Motto: inspiring Excellences
  • Established: 2001
  • Private University Ranking: 2
  • Web Address:

Daffodil International University

Daffodil International University is ranked number three in Bangladesh. This university was established in 2002 and the main campus of Daffodil International University was before Dhanmondi. Currently, they are green campus in Savar Ashulia and they are the first private university in Bangladesh with a large campus and various facilities for students.

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Daffodil University Bangladesh at Glance

  • Motto: A distinguished landmark in higher education
  • Established: 2002
  • Private University Ranking: 3
  • Web Address:

American International University

American International University is the fourth ranked university in Bangladesh. This university was started in 1994 and if you want to know the contact information of this university, you can go below.

American International University Bangladesh at Glance

  • Motto: Where leaders are created
  • Established: 1994
  • Private University Ranking: 6
  • Web Address:

Independent International University

Among the first sari university, Independent University is a very good university among many private universities in Bangladesh. The university was established in 1997 and till date the university has retained its position and educational system. Independent University and North South University were almost within a couple of each other in the ranking, but they have moved up to number five in this year’s ranking.

Independent University, Bangladesh at Glance

  • Motto: Excellence in Education
  • Established: 1993
  • Private University Ranking: 4
  • Web Address:

Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology

It is said that among the engineering private universities, Ahsanullah Science and Technology University is efficient and very good. Ahsanullah University was established in 995. If you want to know about the location of Asanullah University Science of Technology, the main campus is given below address.

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Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology at Glance

  • Established: 1995
  • Private University Ranking: 5
  • Web Address:

East West University Bangladesh

Currently, the university is ranked 7th among the private universities in Bangladesh. It is seen from Matlab Hatirjheel University on the other side. We have attached the location of the university and their contact numbers below.

East-West University at Glance

  • Motto: Excellence in Education
  • Established: 1996
  • Private University Ranking: 3
  • Web Address:

United International University

United International University is ranked eighth in Bangladesh. This university has its main campus located at Samit Kal Badda. The contact details and address of the University are given below.

  • Motto: Quest for Excellence
  • Established: 2003
  • Private University Ranking: 8
  • Web Address:

Southeast University Bangladesh

South University is one of the best and one of the best universities in Bangladesh. Southeast University It is located in Tezgaon. We are attaching its main campus address and their official website below.

Dhaka International University

Dhaka International University is currently ranked 10th among private universities in Bangladesh. Dhaka International University was established in 1994. Its main campus is located in Badda. We have attached the contact number and location below.

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