Royal Express Bus Schedule, Ticket Counter Address, Contact Number & Online Ticket

Royal Express is a popular bus transport company in Bangladesh. Royal Express has been providing their passenger service with a very good reputation for a long time. If you want to get the number and address of the Royal Express ticket counter, then read my article carefully. In this article, I will give you all the information, including the Royal Express ticket counter number. If you want to travel by Royal Express, Then this article of mine is for you. Royal Express ticket counters are very accessible. This post is for you to get the Royal Express ticket counter number. It is very easy. You can use different methods to get a Royal Express ticket.

You can collect tickets directly from the Royal Express counter. Or if you can’t go to the Royal Express counter, you can book tickets from the Royal Express counter by phone. You can also collect Royal Express tickets online. In this article, I will also discuss how to book Royal Express tickets online. This article will also give the mobile number of each Royal Express counter.

Royal Express Bus Route

The first thing you need to know for Royal Transport travel is which routes the Royal Express bus operates on. Most people do not know the type of bus and the specific place is a lot of trouble. That is why we have recorded the specific route here so that the well-wishers do not get in trouble. It is mainly transported from Dhaka to different districts, from north to south, east and west. Chittagong-Khulna Royal Express buses are available at various important places in Bangladesh. Read More: Dhaka To Sylhet Bus Schedule 2023 

  • Dhaka-Chuadanga-Alamdanga.
  • Dhaka-Chuadanga-Walipur-Asmankhali-Hatbolia.
  • Dhaka-Chuadanga-Meherpur-Mujibnagar.
  • Dhaka-Chuadanga-Damurhuda-Darshan.
  • Dhaka-Jhenaidah-Kaliganj-Kotchandpur-Jibananagar-Darshana-Karpsdanga.
  • Dhaka-Jhenaidah-Maheshpur-Chougachha.
  • Chatgram-Dakha-Chuadanga / Meherpur / Darshana.

Royal Express Ticket Counter Address & Contact Number

The Royal Express transports regular passengers from different districts of Bangladesh. In this article, we have listed the address of the Royal Express counter, phone number and contact address. From this article, you need to know the address of the Royal Express counter first, and then you can collect all the information, including ticket booking, by calling the phone number of your desired counter.

Royal Express Dhaka Area Ticket Counters
Counter Address Contact Phone Number
Gabtali                               02-9020088
Gabtali Bus Terminal 01775-11332001975-113320
Mazar Road 01730-465507,01970-465507
Magura 01756-992767
Magura and Jessore booking 01993-957341
Chougacha 01756-992020
Jhenaidah Ticket Booking Address of Royal Express
Counter Address Contact Phone Number
Jhenaidah 01775-113325
Khalishpur 01730-465503
Maheshpur 01756-990101
Kotchandpur 01730-465504
Kaliganj 01730-465505
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Meherpur Area all Ticket Counter of Royal Paribahan
Nimtala 0791-63054,01775-11333
Mujibnagar 01775-113322
Royal Paribahan Chuadanga Area Ticket Counters
Counter Address Contact Phone Number
Darshan 01730465501
Jiban Nagar 01730465502
Carpasdanga 01756-992214
Damurhuda 01756-993019
Chuadanga Bara Bazar 01775-113321
Chuadanga Bus Terminal 01761-81011
Alamdanga 017622-56792
Valayur junction 01775-11338
Ashmanakhali 01775-11339
Hat Boalia 01775-113300
Royal Bus Chittagong Area Ticket Counters
Counter Address Contact Phone Number
                      Feni Mahipal 01674-555388
Bhatiyari 01919-654828
Bar Auliya 01671-684534
Freeport 016712-346783
Navy gate 01684-957512
Baijid Bostami 01711-735349
BTRC 01869-299601
Khan Khan 01833-004430
Ornament 01675629767
Ornament 01770184106,019939573401

Royal Express Bus Online Ticket Booking System

If you have never availed of Royal Express ticket booking online before, I would like to inform you that Royal Express ticket booking can be made very easily online. Booking Royal Express tickets online will be very easy for you. And if you haven’t booked a ticket online, here’s how to book a ticket online. We have mentioned all his information below.

There are many travel agencies in different parts of Bangladesh where you can book Royal Express tickets. You can also collect your Royal Express tickets through You can collect your tickets at specific locations and through specific payment systems using this website.

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