Mamunul Haque scandal video is true or false? See Details Here

Police have arrested Amir Mamunul Haque of Hefazat in Narayanganj’s Sonargaon. Mr. Mamunul Haque was detained along with the woman from Sonargaon resort in Narayanganj. At that time Mamunul Haque introduced the woman as his second wife. If you want to know the name of the woman, Mamunul Haque says the name and if you want to know the house of the woman, Mamunul Haque says I will tell you why. This is going to be a fog.

Who is Mamunul Haque? Mamunul Haque was born in November 1973 in a Muslim family in Azimpur, Dhaka. His father Azizul Haque was a well-known Bangladeshi Islamic scholar and the first Bengali translator of Sahih Bukhari, better known as ‘Shaykhul Hadith’. He has 13 siblings. Mamunul Haque is one of the most talked about scholars of the present time.


He was the joint secretary general of the Islam organization in Bangladesh Hefazo. In the present contemporary context, Mamunul Haque can be seen talking. Sweet Mamunul Haque was one of the organizers of the anti-Modi movement. Mamunul Haque also led the anti-idol movement.

Mamunul Haque’s women scandal. Today 3-4-2021 morning Mamunul Haque was arrested from a hotel in Sonargaon along with women and locals. At this time he got involved in an argument with the local people. Mr. Mamunul Haque claimed the woman as his wife as it was a matter of women. But Mr. Mamunul Haque failed to confirm the identity of the woman. If you want to watch the full video of Mist Mamunul Haque, you can watch the full video from the link given below.

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Mr. Mamunul Haque has been taken into police custody till the last news is received. And no case has been filed against Mamunul Haque so far. According to Narayanganj police, Mamunul Haque has been taken into police custody for protection. Details on this later.

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