The Nationwide Lockdown will start from next Monday

The second phase of lockdown is going to start in Bangladesh due to corona virus. According to the decision of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh to prevent the widespread spread of the coronavirus in Bangladesh, the second round of lockdown will be effective across Bangladesh for 7 days from Monday. Emergency service providers in the second phase lockdown. For example, all types of shops should be closed except pharmacy shops and grocery stores. On the other hand, all types of institutions including schools, colleges, offices and courts have been asked to be closed. And mills and garments factories will remain open.

The second phase of the lockdown has been strictly observed across the country. The second phase of the lockdown is welcomed by the general public but is going to become an extreme suffering for low-income people. In that case, in the opinion of the general public, there was a massive irregularity in the first phase of the lockdown. Coming out of that incident, the general public hopes that every day laborer will have to take care of their government relief.

In the last few days, it was known from some reliable sources that Bangladesh is going to have a 15-day lockdown. But Obaidul Quader, the Minister of Roads and Bridges of the Bangladesh government, informed in the morning that the seven-day lockdown is going to start from next Monday. But the Ministry of Health of Bangladesh has not officially said anything about it so far. A closer look at the corona virus infection in Bangladesh in the last few days shows that the detection rate has increased several times compared to the last 15 days.

In the last one month, the number of infected people was 500 to 600 per day, but now the average number of infected people is above five thousand per day. In this situation, the government has no choice but to disconnect the communication system of Bangladesh. Moreover, the World Health Organization has so far failed to come up with any effective measures other than lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus. With that in mind, the Bangladesh government has declared a lockdown for seven days.

Garment factories will remain open, including London’s emergency services such as pharmacy shops, daily necessities shops, and industrial factories. The Bangladesh government has instructed every person to strictly abide by the second phase of lockdown. That is why the movement of common people will be strictly controlled.

People will be discouraged from going out unnecessarily to keep all kinds of shops closed. If people go out unnecessarily, the law enforcement will crack down. And provision has been made for financial penalties if necessary.

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