2024 Hyundai Kona: Release Date, Price, Full Specs

Are you searching the internet for the Hyundai Kona SUV segment 2024 model car?? Or if you want to know about the design of this car with engine and in which month this car will be visible, welcome to our website!! Today, we are going to discuss the Hot Picks Hyundai car on our website. From here, you can see all the prices of this car and what new features this car has added.

When will the 2024 Hyundai Kona be available?

According to a report from the Hyundai company, this car will be available in the market by the end of 2024 in all the countries where the Hyundai company has dealerships. In the first instance, Hyundai will be unveiling this car in various car marketplaces in the United States. So it can be said that this car will be available in the market next year. It is being manufactured at Hyundai Company’s plant in South Korea.

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How much does the 2024 Hyundai Kona cost?

Let us inform you that the Hyundai Corner SUV has been improved from the model of this car with a more dynamic design and interior parking. We got to know their website and official pricing for this car to start around this. The car is basically priced for its electricity price. A price has been fixed for diesel, so for your convenience, we have attached below the prices of different Hyundai models.
  • For the 2022 Kona Electric, the starting price is $34,000 MSRP for the SEL trim and $42,500 MSRP for the Limited trim. Also, the high-performance Kona N, which offers just one trim, has a starting price of $34,200 MSRP.

2024 Kona specs: Engine options, 0-60 mph time, and gas mileage

The Hyundai Corner SUV has been updated. Several cars of this model. Those who want to run on gas will get engine option 0.60 mileage time. Also, this car can be run on oil, and you will get the mileage option of 2.02 litres per cylinder. And will generate 147 horsepower. With the latest electricity, this car will be powered by a charging 0.2 litre per cylinder engine with power generating 76 horsepower. They said through various tests that this car would stand the mileage in different categories, which we are attaching below.
Hyundai Kona Release Date Price Full Specs

Due to the advanced design and modern reason of this car, everyone searches the internet about the car price and when this car will arrive. Let them know that this car will arrive in the late summer of 2018, and the car is priced in three categories, which you can find below.

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It is a Hyundai SUV model that can compete with the Toyota X, and it has compact similarities with several cars.

So, hopefully, from our above discussion, you got to know all kinds of information about the Hyundai car. Also, if you have anything else to know about this car, please comment in the comment box on our website. Thank you.

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