GP Internet Offer 2024 – All GP Internet Packages Update

GP Internet offer 2024 has updated, and the latest offers of Grameenphone internet are available here for our visitors. Grameenphone is the largest telecom operator in Bangladesh, and they have more than 50% of the total user. So, the large numbers of customers are available in Grameenphone for they are an attractive offer. Internet offers are one of the essential required items for a customer.

You know this well that most mobile phones use and now browse the internet. Delete content online, play music and videos online, and also browse social media websites. Many others use social media app for doing audio and video calls worldwide. So the importance of the internet offer is Thomas important to a mobile phone user. In this content, we are going to provide all GP internet offers 2024.

GP Internet Offer 2024 Complete List

The GP internet offer and package list are available here because different people like to activate various offers. Grameenphone published too many internet offers for the customer because customer needs are different, and it’s not possible to activate the same offer by all customers. The sorry year they are giving you every offer details like activation code for process, validity, and price. You can activate the offer quickly by the pen on research or us is deactivation or APP purchases.

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Package Name Code Charge Validity
Pay As You Go *121*3000# 6 BDT Daily
4 MB *121*3002# 18 BDT 2 Days
35 MB *121*3003# 37 BDT 7 Days
75 MB *121*3004# 56 BDT 7 Days
100 MB *121*3005# 149 BDT 30 Days
500 MB *121*3007# 229 BDT 28 Days
1.5 GB *121*3027# 337 BDT 28 Days
2 GB *121*3009# 427 BDT 28 Days
3 GB *121*3010# 609 BDT 28 Days
5 GB *121*3012# 1157 BDT 28 Days
10 GB *121*3013# 1522 BDT 28 Days
12 GB *121*3014# 2436 BDT 28 Days
1 GB *121*3056# 104 BDT 7 Days
1.5 GB *121*3044# 129 BDT 7 Days
2 GB *121*3058# 179 BDT 7 Days
4 GB *121*3084# 31 BDT 7 Days
250 MB *121*3083# 2.5 BDT 3 Days
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GP Social Internet Pack 2024:

Grameenphone has come up with a great social pack internet offer for their dear customers. I will now discuss these social packs of Grameenphone continuously. There are Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Viber and other social media to understand Sajal Bhai. Read the full post to know about these social packages. We have arranged each social media package one by one below. You can easily activate any social pack by dialing the code from here. There are all kinds of social packs like daily social packs, weekly social packs and monthly social pack. You can use any pack as per your requirement. So let’s find out about the packs.

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Social Pack Name Code Charge (Tk) Validity
Whatsapp pack 20MB *121*3063# 2.5 BDT 1 Days
Viber 20MB Pack *121*3070# 6 BDT 1 Days
Daily Heavy Video pack *121*3020# 5 BDT 1 Days
Emergency data loan (10MB) *121*3021# 5 BDT 2 Days
Facebook 1 Day *121*3022# 1.5 BDT 1 Days
Facebook 7 Days *121*3023# 6 BDT 7 Days
Facebook 28 Days *121*3024# 18 BDT 28 Days

If you want a deactivated GP Internet Offer, you can check the available internet balance and validity by dialing *121*1*4#. You can install my GP app to check the internet balance and all balance quickly through app browsing search of my app is entirely free for all Grameenphone customers.

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