Dhaka To Sylhet Bus Schedule 2024 – Ticket Price & Counter Number

Dhaka to Sylhet Bus Schedule 2024, Ticket Price, Counter Number and Address. Are you searching for a Sylhet bus schedule from Dhaka? In this post, we have described in detail the schedule of the Sylhet bus from Dhaka. Everyone needs to know the right schedule for travel. Your trip will be colorful if you have an idea about the right schedule and ticket price. If you want to go from Dhaka to Sylhet then you must know about the bus schedule from Dhaka to Sylhet. It takes 5 to 6 hours from Dhaka to Sylhet. And the price of the bus ticket depends on the type of bus. There are many types of buses plying from Dhaka to Sylhet. Stay with us to know the details of Sylhet Road from Dhaka.

Many AC and non-AC buses ply from Dhaka to Sylhet. AC buses include Green Line Transport, Ana Transport, St. Martin Transport, London Express, and Golden Line Transport. Also, non-AC buses are Shyamoli Paribahan, ENA Transport, Mamun Enterprise, Unique Service, and Hanif Enterprise. These buses provide many quality services for the Dhaka to Sylhet route. You can take any one of these buses according to your schedule. Let’s not know about the fare of buses from Dhaka to Sylhet route.

Dhaka To Sylhet AC & Non AC Bus Name List:

AC Bus Non-AC Bus
GreenLine     Paribahan Shyamoli Paribahan
SaintMartin Paribahan Hanif Enterprise
Golden Line Paribahan Ena Transport
London Express Mamun Enterprise
Ena Transport Unique Service
RP Aliganch
Al Mobaraka

Dhaka to Sylhet Bus Ticket Price:

It is mandatory for travelers to know the exact time from Dhaka to Sylhet route. So if you want to travel on this route, first of all, you need to know about the bus schedule and the correct fare of the bus. And if you don’t know the whole bus schedule then you may miss the bus of your choice. So, of course, you need to know the exact fare of the bus. If you want, you can buy a ticket by looking at the bus schedule online. If you want to travel by AC bus, you can collect tickets from the bar ticket counter online. We have described here in detail the schedule and ticket price of the bus from Dhaka to Sylhet.

AC BUS Name & Ticket Price

AC Bus Name Ticket Price
Ena Transport 1200 TK
London Express 950 TK – 1200 TK
Green Line Paribahan 950 TK – 1200 TK
Golden Line Paribahan 1000 TK – 1200 TK
SaintMartin Paribahan 700 TK – 900 TK

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Non-AC Bus Name & Ticket Price

Non-AC Bus Name Ticket Price
Shyamoli Paribahan 470 TK
Ena Transport 470 TK
Unique Service 470 TK
Al Mobaraka 400 TK
Shyamoli Paribahan(NR) 470 TK
RP Aliganch 470 TK
Mamun Enterprise 400 TK
Hanif Enterprise 470 TK

Dhaka to Sylhet bus Counter number

We have described here in detail the counter number of the bus from Dhaka to Sylhet. It is very important for each of us to know the counter number. If you need a ticket on an emergency basis, you will not be able to confirm the ticket by contacting the contact number. And if you want to cancel the ticket in case of any need, you can easily cancel it by calling the counter number. Considering your convenience, the counter numbers of each AC and non-AC bus from Dhaka to Sylhet Road are described here.

AC Bus Contact Number

Green Line
Arambagh: 01730-060009
Fakirapul: 01730-060013
Kolabagan: 01730-060006
Kalyanpur: 01730-060081
Badda: 01970-060074
Ena Paribahan Mohakhali: 01760-737650
Airport: 01760-737652
Tongi: 01760-737653
Sayedabad: 01869-802738
Fakirapul: 01869-802736
London Express Arambag: 01701-220011
Kolabagan: 01701-220033
Uttara: 01701-220012
Golden Line Paribahan Kalyanpur: 01705-408500
Nabinagar: 01733-208884
Rayerbazar: 01733-208885
Gulistan: 01733-036003
Sayedabad: 01709-642585

Non-AC Bus Contact Number

Mohakhali: 01760-737650
Fakirapul: 01869-802736
Mirpur: 01869-802731
Abdullahpur: 01869-802729
Sayedabad: 01869-802738
Kalyanpur: 01713-049540
Shyamali: 01713-402639
Gabtali: 02-9012902
Fakirapul: 02-7191512
Sayedabad: 01713-402673
Gabtali: 01865-068925
Asad Gate: 01714-619173
Kalyanpur: 01716-478951
Sayedabad: 02-7541336
Fakirapul: 02-7193725
Asad Gate: 01963-622255
Fakirapul: 01963-622226
Mirpur 10: 01963-622240
Kamlapur: 01963-622299
Sayedabad: 01963-622235
Dhaka Counter: 01610-801024
Fakirapul: 01610-801025
Chittagong Road: 01610-801027
Belanger: 01610-801028

Hopefully, from the above description, you can know the name of the bus from Dhaka to Sylhet route, bus schedule, details including fare. If you have any problems while traveling from Dhaka to Sylhet, don’t forget to comment. Our team members will try to solve your problem quickly. If you are looking for buses of different routes, visit our website from time to time. We provide accurate guidelines for travel on this website. Thank you so much for being with us.

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