Dhaka To Kolkata Bus Schedule 2024 | Ticket Price | Contact Numbers

If you want to travel by Dhaka to Kolkata bus then this registration is for you!! Because today we can find here the bus operators schedule and all the information about the bus operators who are running directly from Dhaka to Kolkata.

Basically, this road from Dhaka to Kolkata is very popular and many people travel on this route because the people of Bangladesh and the people of Kolkata are Bengali because many of them have homes or relatives in Kolkata or live in Dhaka. Also, since the two borders are adjacent, some direct buses from Dhaka ply on the Kolkata route. Among them are Shyamali NR Travel Bus Operate, Green Line Paribahan Bus, Sohag Elite Paribahan Bus, Desh Travel Bus, Royal Coach Bus.

These buses can be said as very modern and luxurious buses in Bangladesh. The buses that serve the route from Dhaka to Kolkata are all Hyundai or Scania AC buses. So you can understand how modern and luxurious these buses are.

Dhaka to Kolkata Bus Schedule 2024

Many people search on the internet about Dhaka to Kolkata bus schedule so the bus operators who provide Dhaka to Kolkata bus service are all AC buses and below we are attaching the schedule.

Bus Name (AC) From To First Trip Last Trip
Desh Travels  Dhaka Kolkata 22:15 23:55
Shyamoli Poribohon  Dhaka Kolkata 22:15 23:55
Green Line Dhaka Kolkata 22:15 23:55
Royal Coach Dhaka Kolkata 22:15 23:55
Shohag Poribohon Dhaka Kolkata 22:15 23:55

The schedule chart of Non AC buses that travel from Dhaka to Kolkata is given below.

Bus Name (Non AC) From To First Trip Last Trip
Desh Travels Dhaka Kolkata 22:15 23:55
Shohag Poribohon Dhaka Kolkata 06:30 22:30
Green Line Poribohon Dhaka Kolkata 07:00 23:30
Royal Coach Dhaka Kolkata 09:00 23:30

Dhaka to Kolkata Bus Ticket Price

Generally if you want to go from Dhaka to Kolkata by AC bus then you have to count between 1500 to 2000 taka. As far as I know, non-AC plies very few roads, so most bus operators provide AC buses in their services. Then for your convenience we are attaching the bus fares below.

Bus Name Ticket Fee BDT (AC) Ticket Fee BDT (Non AC)
Green Line Poribohon 1900
Shohag Poribohon 1820 890
Royal Coach 1300 (Hino)

1700 (Hyundai Universe)

Desh Travels 1500 900
Shyamoli Poribohon 1900 (E Class)

1700 (Hyundai Universe)

Saudi Air Con 1100

Dhaka To Kolkata Ticket Booking Online :

If you want to book tickets from Dhaka to Kolkata online, every bus operator has its own official website, you can book bus tickets from their official website. If you are staying in Dhaka, bus tickets for Dhaka to Kolkata route are available at Kalyanpur or Shyamoli counters. Besides, you can book tickets from Sahaja.com or BusBD.com.

Dhaka To Kolkata Bus Counters Contact Number :

We have tried to share with you the addresses and mobile numbers of all the counters from which Dhaka tickets can be collected, so you can easily collect Kolkata tickets from the counters that you can see below.

Rajarbagh Counter, Dhaka

Phone : 02-9342580, 02-9339623.

Arambagh Counter, Dhaka

Phone: 02-7192301, 01730-060009

Fokirapul Counter, Dhaka

Phone: 02-7191900, 01730-060013

Sayedabad Counter, Dhaka

Phone :

Kola bagan Counter, Dhaka

Phone : 02-9133145, 01730-060006

Kallyanpur Khalek Pump Counter, Dhaka

Phone : 02-8032957, 01730-060080

Kallyanpur Sohrab Pump Counter, Dhaka

Phone : 01730-060081

Uttara Ajampur Counter, Dhaka

Phone : 01730-060075

Uttara Abdullahpur Counter, Dhaka

Phone : 01730-060076

Badda Counter, Dhaka

Phone : 01970-060074

Norda Counter, Dhaka

Phone : 01730-060098

Golapbug Counter, Dhaka

Phone : 0447-8660011.

Green Line Poribohon Kolkata Counters Contact Number :

4, Motilal Mullick Lane, Neogipara, Ariadaha, Kolkata

Phone : 917044090041

Desh Travels Dhaka Counters Contact Number :

Arambagh Counters

Phone : 02-7192345, 01762-684430, 01709-989436

Fokirapul Counters

Phone : 01762-620932

Mohakhali Counters

Phone : 01705-430566

Uttara Ajampur Counters

Phone : 01762-685091

Uttara BMS Counters

Phone : 01762-684438

Abdullahpur Counters

Phone : 01762-684432

Kola bagan Counters

Phone : 02-9124544.01762-684431, 01709-989435

Kallyanpur Counters

Phone : 02-8091613, 01762-684440

Sohrab Pump Counters

Phone : 02-8091612, 01762-684403

Technical Counters

Phone : 01762-684404

Gabtoli Counters

Phone : 01762-684433

Savar Counters

Phone : 01762-684434

Shohag Poribohon Dhaka Counters :

Sayedabad Counters


Kamalapur Counters

Address: 64/1 A Hotel Al-Faruk.


Narayanganj Counters

Address: 111 Bangabandhu Road, N.Gonj

Phone: 01926-699368

Jonopoth Counters

Phone: 01926-699368

Chittagong raod Counters

Phone: 01926-699365

Brahman baria Counters

Phone: 01926-696264

Voirob Counters

Phone: 01926-696269

Ashugonj Counters

Phone: 01926-606267

Bishwa Road Counters

Phone: 01926-696165

Royal Coach Dhaka Counters Contact Number :

Dhaka Counter

Phone: 01971-396329

Arambagh Counter, Dhaka

Phone: 01971-396330, 01872-723203.

Shyamoli Counter, Dhaka

Phone: 01872-723209.

Kamalapur Counter, Dhaka

Phone: 01971-396331, 01872-723205

Panthopath Counter, Dhaka

Phone: 01971-396332, 01872-723208.

Kallyanpur Counter, Dhaka

Phone: 01971-396333, 01872-723210.

Fokirapul Counter, Dhaka

Phone: 01971-396334, 01872-723207.

Chittagong Road Counter, Dhaka

Phone: 01872-723224.

Abdullahpur Counter, Dhaka

Phone: 01872-723212.

Gabtoli Counter, Dhaka

Phone: 01872-723236.

Nobinagar Counter, Dhaka

Phone: 01872-723214.

Narayanganj Counter, Dhaka

Phone: 01872-723222.

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