BRAC Bank Agent Banking Location, Charge, Transaction Limit

BRAC Bank is a popular bank in Bangladesh. At present, most of the customers in Bangladesh are covered by BRAC Bank. Many people deal with BRAC Bank, so many times they face various problems including BRAC Bank’s routing, number, official address, that’s why we will present all the details of BRAC Bank to you on our website today.

Currently, BRAC Bank has its agent banking coverage in 64 districts of Bangladesh so that customers can get customer service at their convenience and in a very short time. If you are interested to know about BRAC Bank Agent Banking then our today’s post is for you.

Here we will inform you about all service charges starting from service charge description limit and monthly deposit daily limit under BRAC Bank agent banking service.

Many of you are searching for BRAC Bank agent banking logo on the internet, that’s why we are attaching English and Bengali logo for you on our website.

BRAC Bank Logo
BRAC Bank Logo

BRAC Bank Service Charges

As you can see in the table below, you have been given the service charge according to the cash deposit and limit, so if you want to make a deposit, then you have to pay the service charge according to the amount below.

Transaction Type Transaction Amounts Service Charge
Cash Deposit/Withdraw Below 20,000 TK 50 TK
20,000 to 1 Lac 100 TK
1 Lac+ to 2 Lac 200 TK
2 Lac+ to 5 Lac 300 TK
5 Lac+ to 10 Lac 500 TK
10 Lac+ to 20 Lac 1000 TK

Routing Number

BRAC Bank Agent Banking Routing Number is 060270609. While a user will make Online Transaction to their Agent Banking Account, they may need the Routing Number. You can use this Routing Number to Transfer Fund to your Agent Banking Account from any Bank using Internet Banking.

Outlet Location and Address

There are BRAC Bank outlets in about 64 districts of Bangladesh. If you want, you can view our PDF file. Here are the agent banking outlet addresses of Blood Bank. You can easily take their agent banking outlet services.

Outlet Location and Address

Debit Card

If you are an agent banking customer of BRAC Bank then you will have to pay a charge of Tk 600 plus VAT per year for the debit card. Here you can withdraw Rs.300,000 to Rs.40,000 per day from your maximum debit card.


  • Utilities Bill Copy
  • Photo (2 Copy)
  • NID Photocopy
  • Nominee Photo (1 Copy)
  • Nominee NID Photocopy
  • Age Limit 18-65 years
  • Minimum Deposit amount of 100 TK

Hope you who are customers of BRAC Bank have been informed about various transactions with our post today. Besides, if you do not know any information about BRAC Bank, you must comment in the comment box of our website, we hope we will help you with the correct information.

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