Bastille Day 2024 Date, Facts, History, Movie, Traditions & Celebrations

Bastille Day commemorates the storming of Bastille. It was a key event in French history that helped to catapult France into revolution and eventually led to its people being given more freedoms, such as freedom of speech, religion etc. The day is celebrated with fireworks displays throughout Paris on July 14th every year since 1880-something or other (I can’t remember).

July 14th marks when revolutionaries stormed and took over one prison -the Bastille- which at the time had held nearly 1 000 prisoners for four years during an economic crisis due primarily to poverty among citizens who were unable pay their taxes because most refused employment offered by King Louis XVI’s government leading up until then henceforth living off subsistence farming all while still maintaining.

Bastille Day 2024 Date

As we all know, the anniversary of Bastille Day is July 14th. However, what was once a day to celebrate French Independence from France in 1789 has become more about celebrating life and love than anything else! It’s important that you commemorate this special time with your loved ones so make sure they’re not forgotten for one minute on this very memorable occasion.

Happy Bastille Day 2024

Bastille Day 2024 is a day worth celebrating! We commemorate the storming of Bastille prison in 1789 and we will do so again this year. The streets are to be renamed to show our appreciation for those who have made sacrifices along the way, mostly because they were born at an unfortunate time or place. On July 14th please join us as we celebrate freedom across France with parades and festivities that you won’t want to miss!

Bastille Day Movie

In celebration of Bastille Day, the French National Museum hosts its annual film festival. The films selected are often comedies or historical dramas depicting life and culture in France from different points in history such as World War II-era Paris to modern day Marseilles with a backdrop of battles against Nazis. Director Claude Berri’s famous “Jean de Florette” is one movie that will be shown this year on July 16th at 8pm EST for US audiences wanting to experience some classic European cinema!

Bastille Day Facts

Bastille Day, better known as National Holiday in France on the 14th of July every year. The event was originally created to commemorate the storming and subsequent liberation from prison of Bastille by French revolutionaries.

Annual celebration focuses around fireworks displays during night time – when all are able to enjoy beautiful display with traditional foods such as crepes or croissants; parades occurring throughout country showcasing military hardware and showmanship skills that take place between celebrations across region for a full day’s worth.

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