Bangladesh Railway Online Train Ticket Booking (E-Ticketing Service) & Purchase System

Do you want to know how to book train tickets online? Then you are in the right place. Today I will cover all the issues of booking train tickets online in this article. So if you want to know all the details of online train ticket booking then read this article of mine carefully. Online train ticket booking system is a hot topic. Train tickets can be bought online. So today I am highlighting all the information about buying train tickets online.

Bangladesh Railway Online Ticket Registration 

To book Bangladesh Railway online train tickets, you first need to create a primary account. For this you need to go to the website of Bangladesh Railway and make a registration. You will need to go through a few steps to complete the article. I mentioned the steps step by step.

Online Train Ticket Step 1:

  • Registration Link:¬†
  • Enter your name, email address, mobile number and password.
  • Then sign up.
  • And verify email.
Bangladesh Railway User Registration
Bangladesh Railway User Registration

Online Train Ticket Step 2:

After registering, you have to login first in this step. When you login, you have to give the email address that you gave at the time of registration and the password that you gave now.

Online Train Ticket Step 3:

1. Give the addresses where you want to go from here.
2. Give the date of the day you want to travel.
3. Decide which class ticket you want to take and fill out the option.
4. Now decide how many tickets you want to take. Note that you cannot purchase more than four tickets at a time.
5. Want to know if there are any children with you, if there are children, give how many children there are.
. Click the Last Find button.

Online Train Ticket Step 4:

1. After completing Step 3 you will be shown a complete list of complete details, including the date from the starting station to the destination station.
2. And on its left will show the name and time of the train. You can fix the name and time of the train from there.
3. Click on the Details button to the right of the train name.
4. You can see the price of your ticket by clicking on the Perseus button. Buy tickets by clicking the Buy Ticket button.
5. It will show you everything you have processed for so long. If you agree, click the Agree button. Click on the button. Then confirm the ticket.

Online Train Ticket Step 5:

Now it will show you the option through which you want to pay. Suppose you pay your ticket price through bKash.

Online Train Ticket Payment Rules.

1. Click on the payment option to see the ticket price.
2. Then you will do the payment confirmation with the money transfer company of your choice like bKash, Rocket, etc.
3. Suppose you confirm payment with development.
4. Click on the develop option and enter your mobile number.
5. Then click on the OK button with the bKash password. Then your payment will be confirmed.
. This way you can easily book train tickets online.

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